Monday, October 26, 2009

On the emergence of FINE ART magazine

FINE ART magazine is all about the artworld, artists and their works. By contrast, นิตยสารสยามรัฐ สัปดาห์วิจารณ์ [Siam Rath Weekly], which hosts หน้าศิลปวัฒนธรรม [the Silpa Wattanatham column], is intensely social and politically oriented.

Representative voices and faces from PSG/SU have been increasingly in evidence - both as featured artists and as critics - in the pages of FINE ART magazine, a substantial monthly (150 baht/copy) printed on high grade, glossy white paper and lavishly illustrated. The establishment of FINE ART, which began publishing in this decade, is a recent sign of the Thai high artworld’s renewed search for ways of conducting critical discourse in the mass media. With its large, plentiful and gorgeously colored illustrations, the relatively new forum of FINE ART magazine is devoted entirely to stories about artists, artworks and national and international exhibitions. Perhaps the criticism for which Thailand’s high art establishment has been yearning is finally going to emerge.

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