Thursday, July 4, 2013

Uncensored (the 'Headache' file)

At Numthong Gallery: Uncensored.
May. Very Hot Weather.

               In his catalog article for ‘Uncensored’, Chol Janepraphaphan chose the theme of ‘identity’ and the various ways in which that idea can be defined or interpreted.  I  liked being’ and ‘nothingness’.  What’s inside the shell?
Uncensored.   Who really are we?

Study the empty shells.
                                Who were you?

Cast off helmets


 What are  you reaching for?                     
    What do you want? 
    The Artists' struggle                                           


 Check your expression, please...  and                                                         

                                                                                                         Never say die.      

Uncensored.  At the Numthong Gallery. A show byAli Kongsuk, Tawan Wattuya, TRK and Yonyang: Retracing Aesthetics and Friends Company.

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