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  L i f e PORTRAIT    Numthong Gallery at Aree     31 Aug. -  28 Sept. 2013 

[Blogger's comment: I was surprised at how wonderfully refreshing it felt to see all these paintings and drawings.  The images are so alive and radiating humanity. I had forgotten how beautiful or poignant a painted image can be.  JMW]

                                  Numthong wall

        Sight, Self and Sensation
                 Numthong Sae Tang / 2013

     The "Life" exhibition showcases portraits in Numthong Sae Tang's collection to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Numthong Gallery's operation in the Thai art community.  These works present over 20 years of stories, experiences and events since Sae Tang started collecting artworks based on his preference and budget, and now all portraits in his collection have become pages in his record of "life".
Portrait, by Natee Utarit.  1999

The young artist talked to the people in the Old Folks Home and sketched and painted their portraits.
First I decided to collect portraits just because I liked them without any specific reasons, but one day I had a chance to spend time examining theseworks and found interesting stories hidden behind faces in the pictures.  Then I just realized that my interest in portraits derived from the fact that they not only depict the model's appearance.  Every line, every shape, every color and brush stroke, can convey stories, periods of time, situations, emotions and personalities of the models, as well as the artist's identity.  This can be so distinctive to the point that the image becomes a reflection of the artist's self.

"Portrait is not only an imitation of the model; it reflects the model's identity and represents the model in a particular time or all through his/her life."

'Thippawan,' Natee Utarit. 1998

"I have a special affinity for  portraits over other kinds of art, and would like to present that, when we are interested or pondering on some works we will see more stories hidden behind them.

Chatchai Puipia, self-portrait. 1999.

One of the inevitable subjects in portraits is 'identity'.  Whether it is self-portrat or portrait of other models, we can still find both the artist's and the model's identities in the image.

Untitled., Somboon Hormtientong, 2010.

'Numthong', by Chatchai Puipia. 2010.

 Stories we see in portraits depend on each person's experience.
Numthong has some shared experiences with   the  artists; that's how the artists' stories are attached with his portrait collection.   

'Pi Tung,'   Kamin Lertchaiprasert.  2004.    


               'Self Portrait', Niti Wattuya, 1971.                                                                                       

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